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Crochet Easy Peasy Sling Bag

Hello Everyone! So today let’s see this beautiful sling bag which is very simple and easy and quick 😀 A perfect project for beginners. It can be made of any size with very simple modifications. You can make this as coin purse or a kids sling or sling for girl or women… all you need… Continue reading Crochet Easy Peasy Sling Bag

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विणलेला ड्रेस (Crochet Girl Dress)

नमस्कार, आज आपण लहान मुलींचा ड्रेस विणायला शिकुया, फॅन स्टिच सारखा दिसनारा हा स्टिच आहे. ह्या पॅटर्न ची विडीयो लिंक मी देत आहे, जर काही शंका वाटली तर विडीयो पाहू शकता. ह्या पॅटर्न साठी, २००ग्राम लोकर, ३मिमी ची विणकामाची सुई, ४ पिन किंवा वेगळ्या रंगाचे लोकरीचे तुकडे. टाके (stitches): साखळी (chain or ch) मुका खांब… Continue reading विणलेला ड्रेस (Crochet Girl Dress)

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विणलेला श्रग (Crochet Shrug)

नमस्कार , आज आपण शिकुया श्रग कसा विनायचा. हा श्रग १-२ वया च्या मुलींसाठी असनार आहे किंवा छाती च माप २०” असेल त्या मुलींना बसु शकेल. त्या साठी लागनार आहे ५०ग्राम लोकर, ५.५मिमी. ची सुई, १ बटण, पीन किंवा वेगळ्या रंगाच्या लोकरीचा तुकडा (खुण म्हणुन वापरन्यासाठी) टाके (stitches):साखळी (chain or ch) मुका खांब (single crochet… Continue reading विणलेला श्रग (Crochet Shrug)

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Crochet Rose

Hello Friends, I was looking for simple rose pattern to add as an embellishment on my baby hat. I found many rose patterns however this one pattern I liked the most and it has now became my go-to pattern for rose flower. I have written down the steps quickly for future reference. Please note, this… Continue reading Crochet Rose

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Crochet Pineapple Pattern Blouse

Hello Everyone, Today we will see how to crochet a Blouse with pineapple pattern around the neck and at the bottom of the Blouse. This is not originally my pattern, I found this beautiful blouse by Rosa Isela on YouTube. However, the video is not in English and doesn’t have subtitles as well, hence I wrote… Continue reading Crochet Pineapple Pattern Blouse

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Quick Easy Baby Poncho in Waffle stitch

Since long time I wanted to try something with waffle stitch and finally this weekend I started with this small poncho. It was quick and easy, I used around 100gms of worsted weight yarn with 5mm aluminium hook. It is super easy, let me explain in brief what exactly we need to do. You can… Continue reading Quick Easy Baby Poncho in Waffle stitch

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Crochet circular bolero-beginner level

This bolero pattern is super easy and ideal for a beginner level. Pattern Notes I used a 4mm aluminium hook for this. Replace the 1st dc on each row with a ch3. The pattern is worked in two circles and joined while doing the last round of second circle. The foundation chain is done in… Continue reading Crochet circular bolero-beginner level