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Quick Easy Baby Poncho in Waffle stitch

Since long time I wanted to try something with waffle stitch and finally this weekend I started with this small poncho.

It was quick and easy, I used around 100gms of worsted weight yarn with 5mm aluminium hook.

It is super easy, let me explain in brief what exactly we need to do. You can adapt this to any pattern you like and make a cute poncho of any size.

What I did, made two square pieces with border as plain dc stitches and rest in waffle stitch. Joined them at the shoulder part and then made ribbed border for the neck and the bottom of the poncho. Sew buttons at the bottom half part of the poncho leaving the armholes. Isn’t it super simple.

Foundation chains should be little extra than the chest size of the baby

Ch3 at the beginning of every row counts as dc

Abbreviations: US terms

Ch – chain

Dc – double crochet

Sl st – slip stitch

Fpdc – front post double crochet

Bpdc – back post double crochet

Sts or st – stitches or stitch


  1. Make foundation of 47 chs, dc in 3rd ch and continue till first ch. Total 45 dc.
  2. Ch3, turn (keep first and last dc and simple and for the rest make 1 fpdc and 1 bpdc alternately. This gives ribbed effect which we want to be at the bottom of the poncho.
  3. Repeat above row.
  4. (Waffle stitch starts from this row) ch3, turn. Dc in next 3 sts. (1 fpdc in next st, 2 dc in next 2 sts)repeat till last but 5th st, in last 4 sts make 1 dc in each. So you will start with 4 dc and and end with 4 dc.
  5. Ch3, turn. 3dc in next 3 sts, (1 bpdc in next st, 2 fpdc in next 2 sts)repeat this and end the row with 4 dc in last 4 sts.
  6. Repeat above 2 rows untill you get desired length. Cut off and weave in ends.

Make another piece with same measurements.

As instructed earlier we will join the two pieces at should part. I joined till 3rd fpdc from both sides to leave enough space to slide down the poncho from baby’s head.

(Optional) Neck border: Attach yarn from back of the neck and ch2. From next st alternately make 1 bpdc and 1 fpdc all around the neck line. The space where the two pieces are joined, make sc or hdc there and continue as normal. Sl st at to the first bpdc. It will be just to fill up the space and again it is optional. Cut off and weave in the ends.

You can use wooden or plastic buttons of size you like. I have chose the buttons which pass through the dc stitches I had made at the two sides. You can sew 2 or 3 at each side depending on how you like it to be.

And you poncho is ready!!!

Hope you enjoyed the pattern. I would love to see your creations and feel free to ask questions if you have any. I am more active on my fb page.

Request to not copy paste the pattern any where, please usr the link to this page if you wish to share it. Thank you!

Happy Crocheting!!!


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