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Shoes Sole Pattern for Beginners in English and Marathi

The biggest hurdle for me to make shoes was the sole part. It never came out well whenever I tried, so I always looked for shoe patterns without sole.

But this weekend finally I learned how to make the increases in sole.

It was easy actually!

So here I am trying to pen down what I understood maybe it will help the beginner level crocheters like me.

For 3.5cm sole, which is for 0-3 months baby, start with 11 chains and 3.5 mm hook. Start with 13 chains for 3-6 months old baby shoes.

So the tip to minimise the gaps in the sole (if you crochet loosely) and keep them little stiff or tight – use one size smaller hook than what is suggested for that yarn. It will give you tight stitches and sole will also look good.


hdc – half double crochet (अर्धा खांब)

ch – chain (साखळी)


DK/worsted yarn (I used here, ypu can use yarn of your choice)

3.5mm hook (Choose as per the yarn)

Stitch marker (Optional but I used a safety pin)

Pattern notes:

Start with chain 11 (13 for one size bigger sole)

2hdc in 2nd ch from the hook (put a stitch marker in 1st hdc), 1hdc in next 8 (10) ch, 5hdc in last ch, working on other side 1hdc in next 8 (10) ch, 3hdc in the ch where we started with 2hdc.

So what we did here is, on both ends we made 5 hdc stitches and on both sides we made 1 hdc in 8 (10) stitches. We will keep the 1hdc in 8 (10) stitches constant and keep increasing stitches at the ends, thus making the sole round at both ends.

Now do not join to the 1st hdc, remove the stitch marker and make 2hdc in that hdc, put back the stitch marker in 1st hdc, 2hdc in next hdc, 1hdc in next 8 (10) hdc, 2hdc in next 5hdc, 1hdc in next 8 (10) hdc, 2hdc in last 3hdc. Do not join.

Here we made 2hdc in each of the 5hdc in both ends and kept the 8 (10) hdc constant.

Now, remove stitch marker, make 2hdc in that hdc, put the stitch marker in 1st hdc, 1hdc in next hdc, 2hdc in next hdc, 1hdc in next 9 (11) hdc, [2hdc in next hdc, 1hdc in next hdc] repeat 5 times, 1hdc in next 8 (10) hdc, repeat [] 3 times. Join to 1st hdc where we had the stitch marker.

Sole is ready.. Wasn’t that easy!?!

You can go up by hook size to slightly increase the sole size.

But if you want to make sole for toddler or kid size, you can follow same pattern just increase the starting chain with 2 chains for instance start with 15 chains instead of 13; replace the count of (10) by (12) in the pattern and follow along.

Using this sole you can further make shoes or sandles following any pattern you like or use your own imagination.

Do share your creations, would love to see it 🙂

Happy crocheting!


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