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Crochet Circle Crop Top

Circle Crop Top

I had found an image from google search and wanted to make the same top for myself. Since I could not find the pattern for it, I tried to replicate the work using the image. I counted the stitches and worked, made my notes and now sharing them.

It is an easy crop top with an option to increase the length below. You can experiment in lot of ways.

I used vardhman baby soft wool, which calls for 3.5mm hook. You can adjust the hook as per your yarn.

The pattern is not tested so inform in case of any errors.

R1 – 12dc in a magic circle [12]

R2 – 2dc in each dc [24]

R3 – 2dc in each 20dc [40]

R4 – Ch4 & turn, *(sk 1dc, dc in next dc, ch1), repeat * to form 19 Ch1-spaces

R5 – Ch3 & turn, 3dc in ch1 space, 4dc in each of ch1 spaces [80]

R6 – Ch6 & turn, *(sk 3dc, dc in next dc, ch3), repeat * to form 19 Ch3-spaces

R7 – Ch3 & turn, 4dc in ch3-space, 5dc in each of next ch3 spaces [100]

R8 – Ch6 & turn, *(sk 4dc, sc in next dc, ch6), repeat * to form 19 arches

R9 – Ch5 &turn, *(sc in arch, ch5), repeat * to form 19 archs

R10 – Ch3, & turn, 5dc in the arch, *(ch1, 6dc in next archs), repeat * to for 20 groups of 6dc and ch1 between them


R11 – Ch7 & turn, *(sk 4dc, sc in next dc, ch7), repeat * to form 19 arches

R12 – ch6 &turn, *(sc in arch, ch6), repeat * to form 19 arches

R13 – Ch3, & turn, 6dc in the arch, *(ch1, 7dc in next archs), repeat * to for 20 groups of 7dc and ch1 between them

R14 – Ch4 & turn, sk dc, *(dc in next 3dc, ch2, dc in sp b/w two 7dc groups, ch2, sk 2dc), repeat * till last dc of last 7dc group

R15 – ch7, *(dc in next ch2 sp, ch4) repeat * around

R16-19 – ch6, sc in next arch – make such arch for next 3 rounds

R20 – after making 5 ch7 or ch6 arches, ch9 and sc in same arch, make ch7 or ch6 arches in next 5 arch, again ch9 and sc in same arch, continue with ch7 or ch6 arch for next 5 arches

R21 – repeat till R24 row


After this row the top’s lower part would look close to square.

Check measurement and decide if you want to make the rows further

If not then you can continue to make the back part of this top.. work on only one side of the top or the square formed. You can wrap around you body to check and stop if it is fitting correctly

Sew the side with the other side, now it will be like a tube top.. Just work a chain and sc to make it little more secure and sew it like a spaghetti stings measuring on shoulders.

Crop Top (Short length)
This was image I had got on internet

You can stop here or can continue to make the top longer by working arches at lower part…

Top with increased length

Share your creations, happy crocheting!

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