Pineapple Sweater Pattern from Ravelry

Recently, I was searching everywhere for pineapple patterns in sweaters. I found two of them one in baby size and other in toddler size.

I wanted to share my experience while working on this project. I played around little with the original pattern but it was fun. I loved how the sweater turned out.

Both used single crochet for yoke and it takes long time to finish the yoke.

I just replaced the sc with dc and that saved my time and the sweater still looks beautiful.

For toddler size, I used this pattern on ravelry.

This is the sweater I made using the above pattern.

I made it with two colors, the pattern is written with single color. You can start with second color after forming the armholes.

I made ribbed edges. It is simple just make front post dc in a stitch and a normal dc in next stitch. Repeat this around. And make sure for next round you put front post dc in front post and normal dc in normal dc of previous row.

Hope you will also enjoy the pattern. Do share your creations here.

Happy Crocheting!


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