Simple Hat from a square for beginners

This is basic beanie made from a square or rectangle. It can be a quick go to pattern for any size from baby to adult beanie. So all you need is any crochet stitch you like, yarn and a hook. Adjust the hook size as per your yarn.

माझ्या मराठी मैत्रिनिंसाठी खाली वापरलेले इंग्रजी मधले टाके मराठीत समझुन घेन्या साठी ही लींक पहा.

Start chaining and measure around your forehead or for whom you would be making the hat for. Let the foundation chain (FC) stretch little so the beanie fits properly. Maybe half an inch less than the wearer’s forehead measurement should be fine.

If you have selected single crochet (sc) stitch then start sc from second chain of the FC from the hook. In case of half double crochet (hdc) or double crochet (dc) stitches, start from third chain of the FC from the hook.

While turning, chain 1 for sc and chain 2 for hdc & dc. Continue to work the stitches to and fro till it is a square shape or wrap around the wearer’s head and check if it is long enough to cover the head completely (few extra rows won’t cause any harm). Once you have worked the piece, leave a long tail and finish off. Tail is to stitch one opening.

Using a needle or hook, yarn through one loop of every stitch of one side till end and slowly pull the yarn. The stitches will start gathering and that one side of the piece will close. Once it is tightly close, stitch few times to secure it.

Optional: you can add a pompom here (same color or different color).

Now stitch the two sides leaving only one opening for the beanie. Work edge with a row of sc (same color or different color).

Beanie is ready to use!

This is an adult size beanie and basket weave stitch is used
You can see in this picture the top part is gathered together
Image result for crochet beanie
This is how to gather the top part of the beanie (Photo is taken from Hopeful Honey – Slouchy Hat)


Clockwise – Make a rectangle, weave a thread or wool thru it, gather tightly and tie knot, stitch the open sides together.. Hat is ready! Isn’t it super easy!
 You can also close the top end of the hat in different way, just weave through the piece leaving few rows on top and tie a knot.

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