Crochet Easy Peasy Shoes

If you are a beginner level crocheter and thinking crocheting shoes is complex. I too thought the same because of the sole. But this pattern is the easiest one for making instant shoes for your little ones.

For sizing please measure against your baby’s foot or the referring to below sizes:

Newborn = 7cm/approx 2.5 inches

3 month old = 8cm/approx 3 inches

6 month old = 10cm/approx 4 inches

9 month old = 11cm/approx 4.5 inches

12 month old = 13cm/approx 5 inches


Leaving a yarn tail of 20 cm, ch 18 (20, 24, 27, 31).

Row 1: 1dc into 4th ch from hk and into each ch to end, turn.

Row 2: (1 sc, ch 1) into 1st st (this counts as the 1st st), dc in each st across to end, turn.

Rep Row 2 until work measures 7 (8-10-11-13) cm from beg.

Finish off leaving 20cm end thread to sew with.


Thread foundation chain yarn tail through a yarn needle and sew through each ch st in the foundation chain, draw up to form a ring with wrong side facing out and thread through 1st st of foundation chain to secure ring which forms the toe, using the same yarn on the needle, sew a quarter way up the crochet baby bootie from the toe, leaving enough space to fit a baby’s foot in. Finish off.

Thread other yarn tail through a yarn needle. Fold the back of bootie in half with bootie still facing WS out and sew up the back to secure the heel. Finish off. Turn the crochet baby bootie in the right way.

Edging (Optional):

Row 1: Join with a sl st into back of bootie with any color yarn, sl st into each st around.

Finish off.


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