Basic Rules of Crochet…

after crocheting for few years, from your experience you will have some learning which becomes unsaid rules. you might know some of the or probably all of the below points if you were reading patterns and crocheting or someone had shared with you.

  • Working in the loops: Always crochet through both the loops of the stitch; unless it is stated otherwise in the pattern
  • The Front Loop: It is the one which is closest to you.
  • The Back Loop: It is the one which is away from you.
  • The Post: It is the “stem” of the stitch around which a Front or Back Post stitch is worked.
  • Turning Chains: These are used to equal the height of the stitches being worked. Without them the crochet piece will begin to curl and tend not to be even on the edges. The larger the stitches being used, the longer the chain. Therefore, sl = 0 ch; sc=1 ch; hdc=2 ch; dc=3 ch; tr=4ch and so on.

And, unless the directions state otherwise, for the sl, sc, and hdc the turning chain does not count as a stitch and therefore you start the row in the first stitch. For the double and triple crochet stitches, the turning chain does count as a stitch, so you start the row in the second stitch.

  • The loop on the hook is never counted as a stitch
  • If you are following a pattern for a blouse or top, you can increase the hook size to get bigger blouse size (if multiples of stitches are not mentioned in pattern)
  • If you are following a pattern, check which crochet terms are used and refer the conversion chart above.

hope you like this post, drop your comments/suggestions in below comment box.


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