Crochet Pattern of Laptop Sleeve for Free

Crochet Pattern of Laptop Sleeve for Free

(हे पॅर्टन मराठी वाचकांसाठी पानाच्या शेवटी मराठी मधे दिलेले आहे)

hello there,

I always look for simple, quick & easy crochet patterns and I wanted to make a cover for my laptop. So I found SimplyHookedCrochet pattern on YouTube (link below). This pattern will give you basics of how to make cases for mobile phones, iPads and Laptops.

Using this pattern, I worked up two covers of same size. I could finish them in very less time and amount of yarn. Since the pattern is in video form and not written format, I thought I would put my notes here so everyone can follow them.

Please do share your versions here by posting pictures in comments below.

Material required:

Yarn – worsted yarn – I used little more than 100gms

Hook – 5mm or based on the yarn you are going to use

Stitch Marker (optional)


half double crochet – hdc

single crochet – sc

Foundation chain – FC


I will be using US/American terms in my pattern however i am including a chart for conversion for those who follow UK terms.. Enjoy 🙂

Foundation chain – beauty of pattern is there is no specific count of FC required in this pattern. Make chains as per the length of your device. It will be better to make little less chains than the exact length so that the cover fits snugly (wool stretches so no worries).

Once you are ready with the FC, for me it was 34 chains, for you it might be different.

R1 – Crochet 2sc in 2nd chain from the hook, 1sc in each chain till it reaches the last chain.

Crochet 3sc in last chain. Now working on the other side of your chain crochet 1sc in each chain around. Do not join to the first sc, just put a stitch marker if you want to see where the round ends. We will be working in continuous circles now.

R2 – Rn – Crochet 1sc in each sc around, continue in circles till you reach the desired length. You can use hdc instead of sc from this round so it quicker to finish 😉

I made one cover with sc stitch and another one with hdc. The cover with sc stitch was more tight compared to hdc. Both were stretchy so they fit the laptop easily. I am sharing pictures for both version.


You can add flowers or fancy buttons to decorate the cover. Use your creativity and do share it here with all of us.



नमस्कार मैत्रीनींनो,

लॅपटाॅप कव्हर बनवन्या साठी हा पॅर्टन आहे. खुप सोपा आणी फक्त लॅपटाॅपच नाही तर ईतर गोष्टी पण बनवू शक्ता जसे फोन, i-पॅड वगैरे.

लागनारे वस्तु:

लोकर – मला १००ग्राम पेक्षा थोडी जास्त लागली

सुई – ५मि.मी वा लोकरीच्या जाडी प्रमाणे


छोटा खांब – हाफ डबल क्रोषे (hdc)

मुका खांब – सिंगल क्रोषे (sc)



लॅपटाॅपच्या लांबी नुसार साखळी टाके करुन घ्या.

१) सुई पासुन दुसर्या टाकेत २ sc त्या नंतर १ sc, शेवटच्या टाके मधे ३ sc. ह्या पुढे साखळी च्या दुसर्या बाजुने १sc प्रत्येक साखळी मधे करायचे, पहिल्या साखळी पर्यंत पोहचे पर्यंत.

२) आधीच्या राउंड मधे विनलेल्या प्रत्येक sc मधे sc किंवा hdc टाका टाका, ईच्छीत लांबी च कव्हर तयार झाल्यावर धागा कापुन गाठ घाला.

लॅपटाॅपच कव्हर तयार आहे. शुशोभीत करन्या साठी बटण किंवा विणलेले फुले शिवुन घ्या.

तुम्ही बनवलेल्या कव्हरचा फोटो ईथे नक्की शेअर करा.


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