Lets Share our Crochet stories…

hello there, welcome to my first ever post on first ever blog. i am so excited that i actually thought for a while to make this post a special one.

i decided to start this blog by sharing our crochet experiences. so use the comment section below and share with me your crochet stories here. like…when did you start crocheting, from whom did you learn, what was your first project (post its picture if you have). this is going to be so much fun 🙂

starting with me, i learnt crochet via internet and this was one of the reasons i wanted to start a blog. So that i can share my work, notes, patterns and experience.

first hook that i used was borrowed from my friend. she taught me how to hold the hook and the yarn. i learned how to make a chain stitch as most of you must have. then slowly i started reading and practicing various stitches from internet. i will share image of my first project soon…

now you all post your thoughts, comments or stories here.

happy crocheting!


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